5 Tips for enabling IT Infrastructure

Technology has taken a big leap from the stone age to the golden age of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Today we are looking at Artificial intelligence implementations in our daily life. What used to be top-shelf resources in the IT Market a few years ago is now a dinosaur compared to what has been and is being developed in the IT domain. The advancement in technology and its services has lead to the demand of high quality and innovative services in the market. Today clients want faster, secure and better quality of service. So what are the top five factors that have highly influenced the IT Services today?

IT Security

Every business is either going digital or is already digital. If you need to grow your business you have to go digital for process optimization and better work-flows. The digital presence has also given rise to corporate espionage, hacking and digital warfare and other forms of online and offline security threats.

As a business when we modernize our IT infrastructure, our top priority is given to IT security solutions. IT Infrastructure should be under constant monitoring and these are best done by professionals. IT Security is an important part of your compliance needs like HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO, and other security standards.

Look at the cloud

Gone are the days of huge inventory, deprecation of IT assets. The bulky servers that cost absurd  amounts and the routinely upgrading desktops. The only requirement you need today is a secure workstation and high speed connection to the internet and you can create virtual office architectures that are suited to your requirement, scale them or downgrade them and reach out to your farthest customer on the other side of the globe in nanoseconds. You can have the best minds in your team working from around the world. You get the best quality of service, infrastructure, security and flexibility at a minimal cost.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here, they are a part of our daily life from google’s Alexa to Siri and Cortana. They are even being implemented in our education systems, social media, etc. Machine learning and AI deployment are now as easy as buying your groceries. Cloud services like Azure and AWS are already providing AI solutions for your apps and services. It is time to reign in the power AI for your business.

It’s all about people

As once an IT guy said, “the biggest risk to an IT infrastructure is the people working there”. Ignorance, Lack of knowledge and Apathy of an employee towards their work is the primary reason for a breach resulting in a business lawsuit.

Training and assessment are the only means of bringing all the players in  business on the same page. Constant training in IT Infrastructure safety and security standards are a need of the current corporate world.

“If you don’t know about it then better learn it”

Give it to the expert

Managing IT infrastructure is a full-time job as it not only involves setup and service but also 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year and plus one day in a leap year. It is a job that requires individuals who have in-depth knowledge and keep abreast of the current technology developments. When experts are managing your IT Infrastructure the business can concentrate more on achieving its goals.

If you handle secure data like PHI then it highly recommended having compliant service providers who can provide the best solutions and also constantly keep doing threat assessments to ensure a breach  is avoided.

Prevention is still better than cure


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