Microsoft has leveraged its constantly-expanding worldwide network of information centers to make Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere. Azure permits you to add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network wants with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Either choice provides secure, reliable access to your cloud hosted data—one designed on Microsoft’s proved design. Azure provides associate degree ever increasing array of merchandise and services designed to satisfy all of your wants through one convenient, straightforward to manage platform. Below area unit some of the capabilities Microsoft offers through Azure and tips for decisive if the Microsoft cloud is that the right selection for your organization.

Azure Services We Provide

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Cloud Migration

If it is time to upgrade your infrastructure or you are just thinking about moving to cloud. We will not only provide you with the most cost effective solutions suited to your requirements but also do the migration for you.

Cloud To On Premises connectivity

Do you want to bring the cloud to your on premises network. We can do it for you. Your cloud will be accessible to you like it is on your local network.

Cloud Application Services

CAS or Cloud Application services can run your online applications without requiring to setup infrastructure that will be idle when not in use. We will take care of your application services on the CAS.

Storage Management

Cloud has extensive storage services from blobs to regular devices. We will take care of your requirement for any form of storage.

Server Solutions

Cloud provides extensive selection of servers and computing options. At Genix we will provide you server solutions and also manage them.

Single Sign On

It is difficult to remember all the passwords and user ids for local and the cloud. We can setup SSO for you office so an individual can use one login to access all his or her resources.

Windows & Linux

We have technology experts who work on both the linux and windows platforms. If it is a Ubuntu server you need we will have it up and running for you.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Every organization required DRS. If you don’t have it then we will set it up for your cloud infrastructure so rest easy as we take care of all your disaster requirements.

Replication and Auto scaling

Your servers can be now flexible and be backed up any part of the world you are comfortable with. We can make your servers grow and multiply on cloud as per your traffic

Internet and Internal Traffic load balancing.

We can manage your incoming traffic of customers and also your internal network traffic so your resources are properly managed and not over worked.

Network Architecture Solutions

Cloud is vast and has unlimited capabilities and along with the capabilities there are cost implications. We are experts when it comes to creating these architectures. We will sit with your asses your requirements and create architecture that works for you.

Document Management

Document Management is very essential and critical to security. We will take care of your document management service on cloud.

Content Delivery Network

We can make your application reside closest to your customer by using CDN services.

Cloud Network Management

We provide network management for cloud services to take care of all your requirements of expansion and decommissioning.

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