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Our vision at Genix is “to make a positive impact in the society through IT“, so we consciously chose Healthcare as our primary industry to make a direct impact on human health and wellness through our clients, partners and stakeholders. Our commitment and contribution towards healthcare IT services have shown tremendous value for providers, patients, partners and communities. We have a proven track record in providing health and wellness IT solutions for clinic, community centers and small-to-large hospitals in North American, African and Asian regions.

With accelerating growth and need in healthcare, we have invested our passion and focus towards constantly expanding our technology expertise and domain knowledge in meeting the industry demands.

Healthcare IT Areas We Work

With more than 10+ years of experience in healthcare, we understand that getting access to healthcare for patients and to empower the providers to help make clinical decisions are the major areas need lot of focus.
RPM, HMS, Telemedicine

Single or Group Physician Practice

Our solutions for single or group physician practice are provider-specific, highly customizable to their practice with an intent to save time and effort in technology adaption, so they can invest most of their time in better patient care. The technology tools we provide helps physicians securely engage with patients to understand their problems and provide education.

Small-to-Large Hospitals

With our integrated solution, we could provide various modules and workflow required for small-to-large hospitals to support multiple entities like patient management, scheduling, pharmacy, lab within the institutions. We foresee and address the challenges about integration, implementation and training. Data migration and clinical data management is another important aspect of large scale applications. The solutions we provide are highly scalable and interoperable for any size of the implementations.

RPM, HMS, Telemedicine
RPM, HMS, Telemedicine

Mobile Health (mHealth)

In the era of digital, the patients or members take advantage of using Digital Health to pro-actively manage their health and wellness using mobile and wearable technology. mHealth helps user community to track and measure their health activity and take control of their health and wellness. The prediction algorithms helps the user prevent major health issues with education and awareness. The users can also securely share their health records with various medical practitioners for opinion and education.


Telehealth opened up a lot of opportunities for us to provide solutions and bridge the gap between clinician-to-clinician, clinician-to-patient, and patient-to-patient interaction. We have provided telemedicine solutions for minor ailments treatments, women’s health, maternal mortality reduction, order lab tests, health kiosk integration and many API integrations with healthcare service providers. Long time wait in getting access to healthcare of patients in rural areas to see the light.

RPM, HMS, Telemedicine
RPM, HMS, Telemedicine

Population Health

Partnering with large institutions like government or local communities, we are able to significantly solve major health risks by getting healthcare access in large rural and remote population area. The steps invole getting access to healthcare and education helps medical care providers deliver a better standard of medicine. With large population patient data like demographics, health history and diagnosis helps analyze the data and helps early deduction of the problem and make a policy decision.

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Healthcare IT Solutions

The dynamics of healthcare is moving towards proactive from reactive care model. With digital health in raise, we are gearing towards the proactive care model solutions.

Practice Management System

  • Practice efficiency
  • Patient centric
  • Secure access
  • Scheduling

Electronic Health Record

  • Patient health records
  • Diagnosis and treatments
  • Medications and allergies
  • Lab & imaging

Patient Portal

  • Medical record access
  • ePrescription and lab results
  • Alters and notification
  • Patient education


  • Clinician-to-clinician, clinician-to-patient
  • Reduce cost and quick access
  • Online lab order
  • Electronic prescription

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Billing and payments
  • Patient and insurance followup
  • Eligibility and pre-auth
  • Denials management

Clinical Data Management

  • Medical codification
  • Data interchangeability
  • Data exchange
  • Specialty specific data

Pharmacy Management

  • Drug-to-drug interaction
  • ePrescription and dispense
  • Stock & inventory management
  • Purchase & returns

Lab & Radiology

  • Real-time data feed
  • Device integration
  • Abnormal result alerts
  • Lab test management

Decision Support System

  • Diagnosis & treatment protocol
  • Clinical intervention
  • Data analytics and prediction
  • Alerts and notification

Our Healthcare IT Services

The healthcare IT solutions & services we provide to our customers and communities are measured by the ‘impact’ we make in providers usage of technology for better patient care, improve the quality of patient experiences.

Application Development

Build highly secure and scalable HIPAA compliance Custom app, Product (stand-alone and SaaS) for web, mobile and desktop apps using the latest technologies.

API Integration

Experience in external, internal and local integration both batch and read-time using APIs for drug, lab, intervention, etc.

iOTs & Device Integration

Real-time and time-sensitive clinical data exchange from lab device, wearable, portable device to cloud stream for analytics.

EDI & Data Services

Heavily used healthcare data like HL7, CDA, CPT/HCPCS, ICD, SNOMED, ASC X12, Direct messaging, ETL, Clearing house, etc.

Data Analytics/Visualization

Patient health data analytics for diagnosis, treatment protocol, clinical decision, early risk deduction. Data visualization, self-driven analytics for stakeholders.

Infrastructure & Security

Certified experience in building secure infrastructure with HIPAA, PCI DSS, PHI, PII Compliance. Data encryption at rest and transport, vulnerability check and penetration test for data security.

Our Healthcare IT Products



Cloud-based HIPAA compliant Telemedicine Platform which makes online consultation simple for physicians/providers and patients/clients.

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Fully integrated end-to-end Hospital Management Solutions for clinic and small-to-large Hospitals with modules to manage Patients, Lab, Pharmacy, Finance, Administration.

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Technology solutions to reduce maternal mortality problem in population health. The solution includes Smart EHR, Treatment Protocol, Clinical Decision Support.

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ONC Stage 2 certified Practice management, Electronic Medical Record and Revenue Cycle Management platform for US based single or group physicians practice.

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Few of Our Clients

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24 CM Hospital
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Power of Love
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