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Our team of infrastructure experts provides consulting, services and solutions for Infrastructure requirements with current latest technology in the Global Market.

Cloud Computing Services

We will take you to the cloud in a safe a financially secure 
manner. Our Cloud computing solutions are provided on two of 
the major platforms. 
Microsoft Azure


  • Cloud Migration
  • Network Architecture Solutions 
  • Cloud Application Services 
  • Server Solutions 
  • Cloud To On Premises connectivity  
  • Single Sign On 
  • Windows & Linux 
  • Content Delivery Network 
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Internet and Internal Traffic load balancing
  • Replication and Auto scaling
  • Document Management


  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Storage Requirement 
  • Database – Services 
  • Networking & Content Delivery VPC 




Cloud Security Management


Cloud security is as critical as your on premises network. 
There are multiple features that have to be configured and 
maintained to ensure breach is avoided.  

24/7 Network Monitoring

Once security blocks are setup they need to be monitored 
continuously. Our security team will ensure your network is 
monitored for threats 24/7. 

Log Management

Security is all about information that is being generated by 
all your devices. We bring all that information together and 
make sense out of it to asses any threats that might rise


The beast that protects your applications. Firewalls were 
configured to protect your network then Web Application 
Firewall is what protects all your applications from intrusions.

Vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing

Systems have their weakness and our team will find those 
and make sure they are not vulnerable or weak to be 
penetrated by hackers. 

Managed IT Services

IT Help-desk Service

We are available 24/7 providing round the clock support for
your team. Our state of the art ticketing system and on call
support ensure any issues is managed as per SLA guidelines.

IT Policy Design

IT security and procedures are vital to an organization infra security and compliance. Our experts will formulate the IT policies and procedures to safeguard your infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Management

Identifying risks and mitigating them to ensure a fast recovery in case of any form of disasters. We will provide you with the Disaster Recovery Plans.

Patch & Update Management

We will take care of your patches and updates to ensure the systems are up to date and not vulnerable to threats.

End Point Security

Your end point security will be managed by our team. Desktop antivirus installation and maintenance.

Data Encryption

Data security is a vital component for any organization. To protect it in case of breach it needs to be encrypted.

Identity & Access Management

User creation access management services ensures your credentials are maintained securely.

Email Management

Your email security and user management will be our responsibility.

Server Management

Creating and Maintaining your servers ensuring their online security and maintenance.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual private network connections to your branches, cloud or just for your staff to work from home.

Network Treat Assessment

We will regularly perform network threat assessment to safeguard against any intrusions or vulnerability.

Compliance Services

Compliance adherence is a basic requirements for all companies that are growing today. We have our team of experts that specialize in ensuring your compliant with the below standards – PCI-DSS , HIPAA, GDPW, FERPA

Security Management

IT Security management is the primary focus of any organization. Genix understands client challenges and enables them for better security.

IT Security Audit

We provide security audit services for organizations which helps to secure your IT Infrastructure and understand weakness. We will assist you in setting up effective security services.


Connections are vulnerable to intercepts from hackers, our vpn services will create secure tunnels between your branches and also for anyone requiring to connect to your infrastructure.

SIEM Security Information and Event Management

We will manage all your security incidents and take care of them. You will be able to have an overview of what is happening on your network.

Antivirus Management

Antivirus management, keeping track of all your antivirus installations and monitoring for any threats. Regular update and scans.

Log Management

Logs are usually text files with lots of text, they usually don’t make sense to the layman. We make sense of them.

Web Security

Our web security services include firewall configuration and web filtering services.

Intrusion Prevention Service

We will be monitoring your network for unusual packet transfers and take remedial actions.

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Our Clientele

We cater to a diversified clientele, they include government institutions, Doctors, Hospitals , Logistics, Insurance and Crowd Sourcing companies. We provide them cloud services and also manage their cloud infrastructure. We have implemented secure architecture for critical assets in azure cloud.

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