Highly scalable e-commerce solution with 20,000 concurrent customers

Bliss a renowned brand in the world of beauty products from United State America, Founded in 1996, the original Bliss NYC ignited a modern spa and skin revolution with ingenious products, a super-positive, never-fussy vibe, and brownies.


At the end of every year, Bliss has a weeklong promotional sale. Bliss wanted an e-commerce site that requires to be highly scalable to handle 20k+ concurrent customers and bulk orders from web and phone customers with the tight integrated order management and payment process.


GENIX accepted the business challenges and guaranteed the client to provide the highly scalable solution which can leverage bliss with the latest technologies to bring their spa-powered products that work within budget.

  • Bliss website hosted on the windows azure platform designed to bear multiple loads
  • Customer Service Portal to handle phone orders and order updates
  • Tightly integrated to Genix pioneer product Pyxis platform for whole Order Management System (OMS)that included payment processing (one-time and recurring installments) and warehouse system integration for shipping products.

This significantly cut down processing time and ensured the timely delivery of products before Christmas as well capable to handle more than 20k concurrent customers and improved brand reputation.

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