Revolution in healthcare with minimal access surgery aiming at fast recovery.

Q Medical Center, is a specialized hospital that offers multi-specialty services in key areas of healthcare and 15 Bed Specialty Clinic located in the heart of Bangalore, near MG road.


  • Cost-effectively reach potential targeted audience and get more patients
  • Improve value of search campaigns
  • Decrease costs per conversions
  • Targeting location basis.


  • After we make an audit of their website, we recommended changing their website into search and user-friendly. We developed the content and make the page’s layout easily to create awareness to the visitors.
  • We implement the tracking scripts and link them to the search consoles.
  • We are doing on-page and off-page optimization for Organic Results.
  • We started Google ads to generate more website traffic & Leads.
  • Multiple ad groups were created focused on a different set of keywords to track performance.
  • Multiple ads help in measuring which keywords, ad copy, and triggers are generating more value. So, we ran a mix of ads focused on keywords as well as plain text. Their performance was measured, and changes made accordingly.
  • Extensions are the best way to place critical business information around the text ad. That’s why we used below relevant extensions.
    i) Call extension
    ii) Call out extension
    iii) Site extension
    iv) Review extension


  • We reached the target audience at low cost.
  • Number of appointments increased via website and phone calls by 70%
  • Increase website traffic.
  • We decreased the bounce rate upto 50%.
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