We are specialized in customized application development that helps answer any business need. We use customized software to suit your digital presence and more importantly to meet the need of your customers.

We help you create new, if your site or app needs a specific function that doesn’t exist. Our team of creative and experienced professionals for the particular domain take problems and turns them into solutions. We’re here to help you overcome any hurdles with innovative solutions we employ through customized software.

We have the experience and knowledge to address your need efficiently and effectively. The solutions from Application Development offerings are mostly focusing in the following areas:


We have been delivering custom application development services to our clients from small-to-enterprise level since the launch of Microsoft.Net 1.x framework. We have proven experience in Web, Desktop, Integration and Migration services using Microsoft.Net technologies.


Our development services includes both web and integration services using both Java and JEEE services. We have experience building custom application, web application, mobile application and desktop applications..


Our team has extensive experience in delivering highly secure web applications using PHP and MySQL data back-end. Our expertise includes custom development, web development, data-driven applications, CMS, eCommerce, Forms etc.


We are specialized in developing front-end applications with various browsers and devices compatibility. With a strong web development team we have delivered numerous web application with responsive, fluid and the latest progessive web. Our expertise is not limited standard front-end scripts like HTML, CSS and JavaScript but extends to front-end libraries such as jQuery, AngularJS, React JS, Telerik etc.


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